Wholistic Estheticians Hands-On Training Package

>> October 21-24, 2022 <<

Concord, CA

Wholistic Estheticians Complete Fundamentals of MLD

This Course is a combination of an Online Theory Course and a 4 day Hands on Class for Estheticians to learn Manual Lymph Drainage for the Neck and Face.
The Online MLD Theory Course is based on the anatomy and physiology of the lymph system as it applies to Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) developed by Emil and Estrid Vodder, the founders of MLD.
Understanding the theory behind MLD is essential in learning the hands-on treatment of the Vodder technique of MLD. This is one of the only hands-on therapies that can affect the movement of fluid out of the tissues into the lymph vessel system and return the clean fluid to the circulatory system.
This course will explain in detail how this fluid movement works in the body and the effect that MLD has on the drainage of excess fluid in the tissues of the body. Additional effects that MLD has on other systems of the body will be discussed along with the indications and contraindications for the application of MLD.

In the Hands-On Class for the Neck and Face the student will lean the complete MLD sequences for the neck and face, that are based on the techniques developed by Emil and Estrid Vodder. In the second part of this Class the student will learn the application of  Advanced techniques for specific skin conditions: acne, roseacea, eczema and pre and post elective surgeries. There is a specific pressure used in the application of MLD. In this class they will be able to train their sense of touch to this pressure with the use of the MLDTool, which will show them the precise pressure they are using during their application of MLD. By the end of this 4 day Class they can return to their practice and perform MLD successfully on their clients to enhance the flow of lymph, support immune response, relieve pain and calm the sympathetic nervous system.

This complete MLD for Wholistic Estheticians offers:
        The understanding of the pathways of the lymph vessel system
        Where does the fluid in the dermis come from
        Recognizing the indications and the contraindications for MLD
        How does MLD effect other systems in the body?

Competence in:
        Speaking to clients about what MLD can help them with.
        Understanding the relationship between the physiology of the lymph             system andthe application of MLD
        How MLD will affect the skin

        The knowledge and the understanding of the Theory Course will allow you         to learn the hands-on application of MLD, a new paradigm of healing and             health for your client.

        The hands-on applications of  MLD to various skin conditions and elective             surgeries to the neck and Face.
        The treatment with Advance protocols for:
        Skin conditions such as: acne, rosacea, eczema,
        Pre and post elective surgeries

What's included?

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The hands-on class includes discounts for the MLD Tool and Online Theory Course, and class itself built into the price!

 Vodder Technique MLD

We guarantee an exceptional experience with the best materials we can find and professional guidance.

Online Video Theory Course

Separate theory and hands on training so when we're together we're just doing MLD!

Engaging classes

Larger classes include assistants to help every student get as much personal attention as possible.


Your fellow students, teacher, and assistants can open up paths that you didn't even know existed for your career in massage therapy!


The online theory course only needs to be completed  by the time you start the in person class, go at your own pace.
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Esthetician's Hands-On Training Package

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