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Hands-On Class

Manual Lymph Drainage is done directly on the skin.

Let’s learn the application of MLD in person!

How does the Fundamentals of MLD create a new Paradigm of hands-on treatment?

These Classes will provide you with the knowledge, the competence and the abilities to use MLD in you practice for a variety of conditions including, Chronic pain, trauma, elective surgeries, edemas and swellings, muscle strains and sprains and much more.
*The Online Theory Course appropriate to your path is a prerequisite.

Frequently asked questions

What is MLD?

Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle treatment that stimulates fluid movement in the tissues by increasing the function of the lymph vessel system. When the lymph pathways become congested due to illness, injury, or surgery, waste products build up in the tissues and may lead to swelling or other cell pathology. MLD cleanses the tissue and initializes a strengthened immune response.

Will I get CEU's

All classes are currently under review by the NCBTMB for CEU's. Once approved, you will get the number of hours of credit awarded to each class as determined by the NCBTMB. All estimated numbers of credits are not guranteed. But you will get whatever number is awared to each class.

Will I get a certificate?

Once a class is approved (~August or later 2022) you will be awarded a certificate of -COMPLETION- only. Our programs are not yet certified to give certificates of competency, however our instruction and materials are superior to what is generally available elsewhere at the same "level" of training. On top of this, as with all education, you get out what you put in! So try your best, apply yourself, and you will be far and away more competent than many other MLD students in the world today.

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