• what is it?

    A sensor placed on the skin that will measure the pressure applied and read it out on our custom app for you to see.

  • Tools Required

    Any iOS 8.0 or later compatible device from Apple:
    iPad (any except original), iPhone 4s or later, iPod touch 5th gen. or later

    • adapters included

      it will work with your headphone jack, or either of the two included Apple adapters (Lightning & USB-C)

    The MLD Tool™

    Pressure Sense Training Anytime, Anywhere™

    Learn the correct pressure of MLD at home with this revolutionary bio-feedback practice tool!
     RMS = Resistive Measurement System  and is Patent # US 9,167,242 B

    Requires iOS 8+ App download

    How much does my pressure really matter when I'm applying MLD to the skin of my client?
    ––Let's put it this way: the more correct the pressure, the greater the result!

    Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and other light pressure techniques may be rapidly learned using this patented and affordable new tool. The iOS app yields practitioner-biofeedback showing exactly how much pressure is being exerted on
    the skin to improve therapist competence in this easy to learn hard to master technique.

    The amount of pressure is sometimes described as the pressure applied while stroking a newborn’s head.
    The pressure on the skin should be like the weight of a nickel...

    How about we take the guess work out of this technique of applying light pressure to the skin? (a.k.a. MLD!)

    Well, guess what! We have!

    The angular pressure required to properly perform MLD for maximum effect, while not causing harm, is 30-35 mm Hg. (Hg = Mercury)... But what does that mean you ask?

    The RMS MLD Tool removes all the challenge of a technically abstract understanding of simply applying pressure to the skin with your own hands! With this revolutionary device, you can see for yourself in real time how much pressure you are applying as you perform the proper strokes of MLD, on your own skin, or another's –– practice anytime!

    “Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle massage technique that is recognized as a key component of decongestive therapy. MLD aims to encourage fluid away from congested areas by increasing activity of normal lymphatics and bypassing ineffective or obliterated lymph vessels. MLD remains a specialist skill that needs regular practice in order to maintain competence. Deep, heavy-handed massage . . . may damage tissues and ex- acerbate edema by increasing capillary filtration.” Best Practice For The Management Of Lymphedema (UK) ISBN 0-9547669-4-6

    “The most superficial lymphatic vessels are very small and very fragile. These are easily damaged and are certainly broken when a pressure of more than 60 mm Hg is applied. ” How Can Lymphedema be Treated? Judith R. Casley-Smith & J.R. Casley-Smith 2001

    What's included?

    RMS Quickstart Guide

    Calibration Rig
    with instructions on the back!

    EVA Case
    iOS Adapter(s)
    Pressure Sensor
    Connection Cable
    Velcro for arm/leg

    On-Screen Tutorial Walkthrough
    (Video Tutorials Forthcoming)

    Online Manual

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