Frequently asked questions?

What is MLD? (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

Our definition*:
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a treatment performed by stretching the skin using nickel weight pressure with the fingers in patterns of circular motion. This addresses the root cause of inflammation and congestion in the body by jump starting the lymph system into higher efficiency causing it to pick-up more excess fluid throughout the body, starting in the skin, thereby reducing the primary source of swelling (aka edema), fluid buildup itself.

MLD, in addition to this life changing / life saving effect, also has the following major effects on the body's core health:
increased immune response
increased detoxification
pain reduction
rapid healing
hugely improved sense of wellbeing
calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system putting the client/patient into a state of deep relaxation, sometimes much sought after sleep.

MLD is also sometimes referred to as Manual Lymph Drainage, instead of the the full phrase Manual Lymphatic drainage. It is the same thing.

*The definition above is based on the Dr. Vodder Technique; there are many other methods of performing MLD, we believe this is the best and most effective method at present for performing MLD.

What is The MLD Tool™?

The MLD Tool™ (previously known as The RMS) is a Resistive Measurement System that shows the pressure of the student's fingers on the skin as they apply MLD. It is a bio feed-back tool with your finger pressure represented as a wave on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Click here to check it out.
The MLD Tool™ is included in the cost of Hands-On Classes Complete Training Packages, along with the Science & Theory of MLD Online Course, most students will need to purchase the package if they've never taken a class from the School of MLD or Gay Lee Gulbrandson during her tenure as an Instructor at the Dr. Vodder School International.

Are you approved for CE credits? Will I get a certificate?

Yes! NCBTMB Approved Provider # 451083-09.
The only class pending approval by the NCBTMB is the Head & Brain MLD for PCS Class.

Certificates of completion are available for download in your user account after completing the exam for the Online Course, and handed out in class for hands-on classes.

Our first in the world certification of MLD competency is under development at this time.

What is the location of the hands-on Classes?

Eva’s Esthetics
2280 Bates Ave., Ste. 104
 Concord, CA 94520

Beautiful, spacious, lovely layout, well lit, parking right out front, A/C inside. Let's go!

What are the hours of the Classes?

6 day classes:
 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day

 4 day Classes:
 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day

How much can I earn adding MLD to my offerings?

Some people will feel ready to use their MLD techniques right after class. I endorse this if I feel their hands are competent. I also encourage this, because it is the only way to train you hands to improve. 
 I also offer individual tutoring for my students, or as a group in Techniques Review Classes.

The way to determine what the value of your MLD is to start with your hourly rate.Then over a 3-6 month period of offering MLD skills it will be time to increase that rate.

 Estheticians can add MLD to their existing treatment and increase their rate based on time.

How big are your classes? How much personal attention will I receive?

Currently, classes are 8 students or less. This allows for maximum personal attention, sometimes with a Teacher in Training so we can give two people personal attention at once! Students cannot handle any more than that because they need to practice without input as well. We don't think you can get more personal attention anywhere else, except at one of our review classes or private or group mentoring/tutoring sessions.

What discounts are available, and how do I take advantage of them?

We have many discounts available, 
Register and pay the deposit for a Hands-On Class 60 days in advance and earn a $300 discount.
Register and pay your deposit with a friend or colleagues for a Hands-On Class, each student will receive $150 discount.
Register for a class you haven't taken yet, with your Online Science & Theory of MLD Course completed and your MLD Tool™ in hand, save $200.

All three of the above discounts may be combined for any 4 or 6 day class, even if your friend is taking a different class, as in the case of you continuing to the Advanced class while your friend is taking the Applied or Wholistic class.

Students may attend a course of the same name/content at one-half the current class fee.

Various discounts above may be combined, with the maximum total discount not exceeding the half-off offer, or $650, whichever is greater. Other discounts may only be available on social media platforms or in emails for a limited time.

NOTE: Codes cannot be used with the deposit payment plan method on the platform we use at this time. In this case, email us what your estimated discount is and we will apply it to the second payment after you enroll. We are looking for a more elegant way around this.

All discount codes are Case Sensitive. So copy/pasting is advised, as they must be typed in exactly. Avoid capitals letters is the general rule. 

See our Discount Popup for current codes.

All discounts may change at our discretion without notice.

What conditions can be treated with MLD?

Most skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis. 
All elective surgeries including face lifts, eye lifts, BBLs (Brazilian Butt Lifts), tummy tucks, breast augmentation or reduction.
Other surgeries (non-cancer): pre and post rotory cuff, knee replacement, hip replacement, and more.
Other conditions include:
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  Chronic pain
  Strains and sprains
  Wounds, keloids and scars
  Rheumatoid arthritis
  Frozen shoulder
  Carpal tunnel syndrome (RSI)
  Neuralgia, CRPS
  Systemic edema

 These are just a few of the many, many possibilities!

Do you offer a transcript and replacement Class Certificate?

Sealed official transcripts are not available at this time.  An unofficial list of classes completed is available.
The School of MLD makes replacement Certificates of Completion available for a $35. fee.

What is the attendance policy?

Students must attend all in-class hours, and participate fully in the practical sessions to receive a Certificate of Completion.
A student miss only 15 mins/day for full NCBTMB credit.

What is the refund policy?

If a student cancels in writing, at least 30 days prior to the class start date, a refund will be made, less a $200.00 administrative fee.
If a written cancellation request is received after the 30 day period, the full paid amount will be kept by the school and can be used to atten another class within 12 months from date of cancellation. Less the $200 Admin fee.
Rescheduling at a student request is allowed one time only
If the student is a no-show in class without an explanation before the start of class, no refund will be allowed.

We have the Class for you

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Another Defintion

What is MLD?

Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle treatment that stimulates fluid movement in the tissues by increasing the function of the lymph vessel system. When the lymph pathways become congested due to illness, injury, or surgery, waste products build up in the tissues and may lead to swelling or other cell pathology. MLD cleanses the tissue and initializes a strengthened immune response.

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