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    MLD Practitioners with Full Body Training

  • Exclusive In-Class

    New Advanced Protocols & Techniques
    for Brain & Head Trauma

  • Length of Class

    3  Days
    8 Hours per day

    • CEU Given

      *(24 hours)
      * not yet approved.

    Head & Brain MLD for Post-Concussion Syndrome
    a 3-day Hands-On Class, Check back later for the next offering of this class.
     in Concord, CA
    Advanced Theory and Protocols for the Drainage of the Brain

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    Head & Brain MLD for Post-Concussion Syndrome Class Info

    This is an advanced MLD in-person hands-on class for Post Concussion Syndrome. This class is for the competent MLD practitioner who is interested in applying MLD to head and mild traumatic brain (MTB) injuries. In this class the anatomy and physiology of the brain will be covered in detail. The symptoms of MTB and Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) will be identified.  How the brain becomes congested and inflamed due to concussion and MBT will be discussed. The brain/gut relationship will be described and show how dysfunction in the brain influences the function of the gut. A complete intake process will be discussed with specific forms.  Advanced MLD protocols will be given to effect the drainage of the brain, thereby decongesting the brain and alleviating the inflammation within the cranium.  This class will further deepen the knowledge and skill of the practitioner using Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage. The exact pressure the apply MLD with and the pathways of drainage of the lymph system will also be reviewed It requires practice and patience to learn and master this technique.

    Expand your practice and its value with this important course with so many potential clients not receiving care to improve their lives which are all too often dramatically affected for years at a time.

    Prerequisites for Head & Brain MLD for Post-Concussion Syndrome:
    You must have completed a 30+ hour in-person hands-on MLD class for the full body from any NCBTMB Approved Provider. The "full body" means MLD training for all body parts including the face.

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    in the Head & Brain MLD Training Package for 2025!

    More info on what is being offered in the Head and Brain for PCS Class:

    This 3 day class is packed with the theory on the Drainage of the Brain. We will explore the anatomy of the cranium and the physiology of the brain. This will include the most recent studies and new findings on possible avenues of drainage not fully considered in most treatment paradigms at this time.

    You will practice Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment for affecting inflammation in the head and brain due to Mild Traumatic Brain injuries (mTBI) and Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) will be given. With the use of the MLD Tool™ the precise pressure of hands-on treatment will be practiced extensively and with the incredible help of this biofeedback tool, you hands will find the way to healing!

    We will also review the relationship that exists between the gut and the brain, sometimes referred to as the Gut-Brain Axis. You will review Advanced protocols for recovery of healthy gut functioning for clients with m/TBI or PCS.

    You will learn one of the basic methods of determining the extent of an m/TBI: the Pre-Treatment Symptom Survey and intake questionnaire. The PTSS helps determine your course of treatment for each individual client based on symptoms. The PTSS is my exclusive customized expansion on the Post-Concussion Symptom Scale (PCSS), the standard concussion symptom questionnaire, which I have found leaves off a great number of common and important symptoms, especially relevant to holistic treatment with MLD. Learning to recognize these symptoms, both acute and chronic, is a large part of understanding the treatment protocols and how to design an individual treatment plan for each client. The utility of the assessment intake forms, and recurring pre-treatment surveys, to record symptoms and how they change with the effects of an MLD treatment, is an important piece for you to properly care for your clients.

    You will gain the tools to facilitate insight into the normative functioning of the brain, how trauma and injury impact our physiological responses, as well as cognitive, emotional, and behavioral. Understanding how the brain deals with inflammation and how you can use MLD to affect the removal of excess fluid and proteins from the head is at the core of this Post-Concussion Syndrome Class.

    A complete MLD protocol for treatment of m/TBI and PCS are taught in detail,

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    What's included?

    Exclusive Handouts found nowhere else
    Symptom Survey Training

    The MLD Tool™
    Includes: all hardware to connect your iOS  device*

    Certificate of Completion from the School of MLD
    *Not currently a listed course with NCBTMB


    Gay Lee Gulbrandson

    Your instructor
    Gay Lee Gulbrandson is a Dr. Vodder School certified MLD Therapist, was a certified Dr. Vodder School Instructor from 2002-2019, a Lymphedema Association of North America (LANA) Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She has taught MLD to body workers and estheticians since 2002, continuing in 2022 with her own School of MLD(tm). She is a continuing education Approved Provider through NCBTMB. Gay Lee’s teaching inspires health care professionals to address physical symptoms of over 60 pathologies and to treat pre and post surgical patients whose swelling related conditions are often inadequately managed. She also maintains a thriving private practice in MLD and Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) in Berkeley, California.
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